Starting Or Buying A Business ? We Can Help

Hilborn & Konduros Law Firm in Cambridge, Ontario offers sound advice and representation when it comes to your business needs.

If you are considering buying a small business or starting a new business, our team can play a very important role. More than just preparing a purchase agreement, reviewing a lease, or assisting in the incorporation of a new company, it is our duty to ensure that you understand all the risks you are confronting. These can often get overlooked in the enthusiasm to acquire or start a new business.

Our team will:

•    Ensure that you have done a realistic business plan.

Projected revenues and expected expenses should be done conservatively and realistically. You should understand in simple terms how much business is necessary to break even and to make the amount of money needed to repay your costs and provide an appropriate income. These precautions apply equally to a service business, a retail business, or even a home based business.

•    Inform you about the benefits of incorporating at the beginning.

Limited liability through incorporation is often delayed due to the expense, but becomes far more of an expense to implement in the future as you are then required to transfer an existing business. This may have significant tax issues. You need to protect your personal assets from accidental exposure to your business.

•    Offer legal advice on issues such as leases, personal exposure to liability and partnership issues.

If you are operating under a franchise agreement, ensure you that you know all the obligations of a franchisee and particularly how to terminate the arrangement and continue to operate in the same business.

From incorporating your company to buying or selling a business; whatever your needs, we have the experience to get the job done right. To book your free consultation please contact us at (519) 658-6341 or visit our comprehensive website at to learn more. Our office is located at 39 Queen Street West in Cambridge, Ontario.