Don’t Buy A Home Without Us!

Hilborn & Konduros Law Firm in Cambridge, Ontario has been practicing real estate law since 1979. Our 33 years of experience has equipped us with the experience to ensure that your real estate transaction will be completed professionally, and to your benefit.

Most people wouldn’t represent themselves in court without a lawyer, so why would you consider making your biggest financial investment without the help of a real estate lawyer?

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a professional real estate investor, the importance of finding and working with an experienced real estate lawyer never changes. Our lawyers represent homebuyers from all walks in order to ensure their best interests are legally protected.

We Specialize In:

Purchases, Sales, Transfers of Title and Refinancing

Agreement of Purchase & Sale Review

Titles – Recommended to control costs and provide peace of mind

Electronic Registration – For greater efficiency and timely closing

Electronic Funds Transfer – For faster, more secure closings

Full Disclosure of Costs – Including Land Transfer Tax, disbursements and legal fees

Refund of Land Transfer Tax – For first-time home buyers

At the Hilborn & Konduros Law Firm we do a lot more than simply “close the deal”. Not only will we review every legal document, we’ll ensure you have a valid title on closing, verify there are no existing claims against the property, and make sure there aren’t any liens or encroachments on the property. Our team of dedicated staff is willing to answer your questions at any time. We never keep you waiting and will be available to meet with you one-on-one before closing.

To book your free consultation please contact us at (519) 658-6341 or visit our comprehensive website at to learn more. Our office is located at 39 Queen Street West in Cambridge, Ontario.